Request System

Welcome to our freshwater fish, shrimp, snail, and plant request page! Submit your request today for a wide variety of freshwater fish including tetras, guppies, bettas, angelfish, goldfish, and more. We also offer a selection of snails such as mystery snails, nerite snails, and rabbit snails. Don't wait, request your companions now for guaranteed availability. We provide local pickup and shipping options including USPS Priority and overnight shipping. Subscribe to our YouTube and Facebook channels for shipment updates and join our community today!


Request form click HERE or fill out above.


How it works simplified:

1. Make a request. 

2. I find the animal/plant.

3. I invoice you or you buy in store.

4. You wait ~4-6 weeks.

5. Your items are ready for pick up or delivered.


How it works in depth:

1. How your request turns into placing orders: We're currently a few weeks out on orders and booked out until March 28th. However, don't hesitate to request your desired fish, shrimp, snail, or plants! While some changes can be made, the sooner you request, the faster you'll get on the shipment timeline. We place orders every Monday, with arrivals typically the following Monday.

2. Acclimation and Care: After arrival, there is a minimum holding period before customers can pick up their orders. This ensures proper acclimation and observation of the fish, shrimp, plants, or snails. This holding period is mandatory because it ensures your new friends are healthy. Exceptions to this policy can be made if the customer waives the refund policy and takes full responsibility for the animals. Otherwise, we guarantee the health of the fish for 5 days after they transfer into your care if it is determined the animal has lost life due to our delivery or practices.  It's important to understand that holding times need to be adhered to. This is because the fish are not ready to be transported again for a certain period of time. I understand how excited you are to receive your fish. I like to quarantine fish for 4 weeks, I have had a high volume of requests to forego that. I stand firm on the 5 day observation and holding period.

3. Shipment Reports: Shipment reports are typically shared on YouTube and Facebook platforms. To stay updated, please subscribe to our YouTube channel and add me as a friend on Facebook or join our Facebook groups. This way, you can easily access information about your orders and stay connected with our community. I typically process a lot of pre-orders and can not give specific order updates during the week. You will get a specific update for your order on Saturday morning when I am bagging fish before local pick up or the following Sunday night when I am bagging fish for shipping. 

4. Make an appointment to come pick up your desired fish. When you get here to pick up proceed to the basement door between the home and the garage and ring the basement doorbell at your appointment time.

5. Shipping Options: We primarily use USPS Priority for shipping but are switching to UPS Next Day, as it's reliable and cost-effective. However, if you prefer overnight shipping, we can accommodate that request as well. While most shipments go smoothly with USPS Priority, we're happy to adjust based on your preferences and needs. 

6. Refunds & DOA: Our top priority is the well-being of the animals and plants, along with your satisfaction. We offer a Live Arrival Guarantee on live items. To qualify for the guarantee, you must receive your package within 2 hours of delivery and film the unboxing and any deceased animals in the bag before opening. Proper acclimation techniques must be followed. If the animals we send you die due to factors outside of our control we can not replace them. In case of issues we issue you store credit for the Dead On Arrival animals only. We can not reimburse shipping costs. We want to see you happy and connected with your new buddies/plants and are willing to work with you. If there are any issues at all with any part of the process text or email us. 385-775-0963