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Live Green Water Phytoplankton Starter Culture Freshwater 16oz

Live Green Water Phytoplankton Starter Culture Freshwater 16oz

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Discover the power of our Live Green Water Culture – a nutrient-rich feast perfect for daphnia, shrimp, other live food cultures, and small fish fry. This live food culture provides a natural and wholesome source of sustenance, enhancing their growth and vitality. Additionally, its healing properties can contribute to returning sick fish to health. Elevate your aquatic companions' diet with our Live Green Water Culture, a delicious and beneficial treat that supports a thriving underwater ecosystem.

Propagating Green Water Culture:

1. Set Up a Culture Container: Choose a clear container, like a glass or plastic jar, and fill it with dechlorinated water. Place the container in a location that receives indirect sunlight.

2. Introduce Starter Culture: Add a small amount of green water from an established culture or purchase a live culture from a trusted source. This initial batch will serve as a starter for the growth of green water algae.

3. Provide Light: Place the culture container near a light source but not in direct sunlight. Green water algae thrive with moderate light exposure.

4. Stir the Culture: Use a clean utensil to stir the culture gently daily. This prevents the formation of a thick mat on the surface and ensures the even distribution of nutrients and light.

5. Maintain Temperature: Keep the culture at a consistent room temperature. Avoid extreme fluctuations that can hinder growth.

6. Monitor Growth: Over time, the water turns green as the algae population increases. Depending on the conditions, it usually takes a few days to a couple of weeks.

7. Harvest and Use: Once the green water culture has reached a suitable density, you can start using it as live food for your aquatic organisms. To harvest, use a fine mesh net to scoop out the green water and transfer it to your aquarium or culture container.

8. Feed Regularly: Add small amounts of green water to your tanks or culture systems regularly, adjusting the quantity based on the needs of your organisms. Remember, moderation is key to maintaining a healthy balance.

9. Maintain Culture Health: To ensure the culture's long-term health, continue to provide appropriate light, stir daily, and occasionally replenish with fresh dechlorinated water.

10. Share and Expand: As your culture grows, you can share it with other hobbyists or use it to start new cultures. Dilution may be necessary if the culture becomes too dense.

By following these instructions, you can successfully propagate and maintain a thriving Green Water Culture to provide nutritious live food for daphnia, scuds, small baby fish, and other aquatic organisms in your care.

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