About ADHD Aquatics

Greetings, wonderful people! I'm Emily, the driving force behind the ever-evolving journey of ADHD Aquatics. It's with unbridled enthusiasm that I invite you to embark on this exciting odyssey with me, where innovation and passion collide.

As a budding entrepreneur hailing from the picturesque landscapes of UT, USA, I'm on a mission to carve my unique path in the aquatic world.

By day, I'm a skilled aircraft mechanic, diligently working amidst the hum of engines. By night, I'm a dedicated aquarist, nurturing not just fish, but dreams. And yes, I share my world with an incredible seven feline companions – my charming entourage that keeps life lively and unpredictable.

Beyond the aquatic realm, there lies a profound aspiration that fuels my every endeavor. With unwavering determination, I'm sowing the seeds for a future non-profit animal sanctuary. A place where compassion knows no bounds, where every creature finds solace, and where my two worlds seamlessly intertwine.

Your support isn't just about buying fish; it's about aiding a vision, fostering a cause, and being a part of something greater. With each purchase from ADHD Aquatics, you're helping shape the future of this meaningful sanctuary-to-be.

So, as I stride forward in my entrepreneurial pursuit, I wholeheartedly invite you to be a part of this remarkable expedition. Join me in celebrating the aquatic wonderland we're cultivating, and in paving the way for a sanctuary that promises to make a difference.

Kindly share this page, connect with me on social media, and let's illuminate the path together. Together, we're not just building a business; we're crafting a legacy of compassion and change.

Here's to dreams that swim and aspirations that soar!

Warm regards, Emily "Lemol" Shetterly